Monday, December 8, 2014

Simple exercise to get beautiful and attractive eyes.

Beautiful eyes make attraction.Even eye play the important role to express something.Big and large eye like a shape of a boat, attract people and enchant people.Eye has an essence to give you the power to faint some one.In a study it is found that when we write with our left hand 15% portion of our mind open and when we write with right hand 15% activity of left side head open.So, that is 30% of our mind is opened.And when mind activity get 100% then it has the capability to move things with the help of eye.So, eyes have it's own existence.
The sclera or the white portion of your eye should remain white.If it get dull or feeble then your eye shape get affected and even it can happen from another reason. For keeping your eye clean and clear and keeping sclera white as well, you should do the below given exercise-
Look at different directions
Way of doing
Keeping your head straight.
1.Look up and down 10-20 times.
2.Look left and right 10-20 times.
3.Look left making angle of 135 degree upwards and then opposite of its direction means downwards of your right eye for 10-20 times.
4.Look 135 degree up of your right side eye and opposite of its direction 10-20 times.
5.Rotate your eyes in a circular way 10 times Clock Wise and 10 times Anti Clock Wise. 
After that do the exercise called "palming" for giving rest to your eye.
First rub your both hands palm for few sec and make dig as you catching something.Then close your eyes and keep the palm over your eyes.Make sure that its not touching your eyes that why you have said to make like a dig. 
Begin Like This
Bigger Eyes
Wanna show your eyes bigger than your actual size.
Take cold and chilled water in a bowl, submerge a spoon within it for few seconds.
Take the spoon out and use the backward side of the spoon.
Close your eyes and cling the back side of the spoon over your eyes,commencing it from the tip of the spoon and very near above from nose where eye exist.
Do it again with other eye.
Do it 3-5 times.
Your eyes will look bigger than the actual shape.
Try it when you are going to any party or your very special moments.
Other benefits
Its even helpful for reducing your dark circles over eyes.
It provide relaxation to the eyes and stress reduce.

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