Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Home Made Natural Face Packs of Your Choice

Using Face Packs we get natural and glowing skin. There are so many face packs but a natural face pack is effective and doesn’t give any side effects. So, these natural face packs given below are very vital and effective for caring ones skin.Neem is beneficial for any kind of skin and hair relating problems. It is an Ayurvedic medicine for curing many skin problems. It’s even the natural blood purifying agent.
The bark of neem tree is also beneficial. There are so many beauty products that use neem as an integral ingredient which is found in shampoos, lotions and creams. It’s generally uses for curing the acne, pimples and blemishes. 

Neem Face Pack:-Take some leaves of neem and boil it in water. Mash it into a paste after draining the water. Apply it on face and remove it after 5-10 minutes or after drying.Now rinse your face with cold water  for glowing and flawless skin. it also cures redness, lightens scars, itchiness and blemishes. 
Neem, rose water and lemon face packs- For curing your acne and pimples it is one effective face pack. In a bowl, take neem powder, lemon juice and rose water and mix it well. Apply it on face. After 15-20 minutes rinse it with cold water. In just 2 days, this awesome face pack reduces your acne and pimples!
Neem and lemon juice: Add few drops of lemon juice in some mashed neem leaves. Mix it well. Apply it on the face and neck. Rinse with cold water after 15 minutes. The face pack reduces the extract excess oil from your face and effective for the oily skin. It also useful for preventing pimples and helpful in removing dead skin cells
Neem, Besan(Gram-Flour) and Yoghurt : One of the best face pack for the dry skins. Take a teaspoon of besan in a bowl and add yoghurt, mix it, now add mashed neem leaves or neem powder. Mix it well and apply this on your face and neck. It moistures, soften the skin, cures acnes as well as helps to get a glowing skin complexion. 
Neem and Milk Face Pack: For soft and moisturized skin, take neem powder and few drops of milk in a bowl, now mix it well. You can even add some drops of lemon juice. Apply this face pack on face. Rinse with cold water after drying it. This face pack gives soft, fresh and flawless skin.
Neem, Tulsi and Honey Face Pack: Pour few honey drops add tusi and neem powder into this, apply it on neck and face. Keep it dry. Wash with cold water. It reduces skin relating problems like acne, pimples, and it lightens your blemishes. 
Avocado Face Packs: According to researches it is found that it is helpful to prevent and fight ageing, heals dry skin, prevent skin from drying and keep it soft. It prevents wrinkles, cures sun damage, and lightens dark spots. Contains large amount of sterolins/ a protein. For getting tight and glowing skin apply avocado on your face.Avocado oil has highest amounts of sterolins and many face packs moisturize the skin. Use avocado lip balm for keeping your lips soft and red in winter season.
White Glow with Milk and Turmeric

Do you want white and glowing skin without applying anything on it, then use raw turmeric.
When you drink milk, don't forget to mix raw turmeric into it.
First mush the raw turmeric and put it into the milk and let the milk little boil and 
when milk colour become pile then draw it from the oven and sieve the milk. Drink the milk after few minutes until it gets normal.
You will get glowing, white and healthy skin.Its most useful for the bride and groom couple before marriage that they will look awesome at their marriage ceremony.
Other Benefits
1.It helps to reduce pain of wound or any bone pain of body.
2.Turmeric helps to regulate sugar levels of blood in diabetes patients.
3.Useful to boost the flow of bile for gallstone prevention.
4.Beneficial in liver protection,HIV treatment,Viral and scabies infections.
5.Turmeric helps the digestive system.
6.Its prevent heart stroke and heart relating problems.
7.Useful to prevent various forms of cancer viz colon, prostate, breast and skin cancer.

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